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TOPAZ @ Ark-T, Cowley

TOPAZ is social Group for young people who are 13 - 19, and identify as LGBTI+ or who are questioning their sexuality. We are friendly and welcoming people open to chats, giggles and discussions.
It is your place to talk about anything that's bothering you, get support about being sexuality or gender identity or get some help with answers to those questions that you've been wondering about for ages.


TOPAZ at Ark-T runs once a month on a Friday night, 5-8.30pm. We have a cafe to hang out in, we have snacks as well as hot and cold drinks, we try to bring board games and arts and craft supplies, and we have a hall with a small PA system.

If you are nervous please email us! We all understand that nervousness of meeting new people.


In the group we offer you a safe place to be yourself and meet new people who are going through the same lifestyle issues as you.


If you have any friends who you think would enjoy or benefit from this group then please feel free to get them in contact with us.


TOPAZ @ OXFORD can be reach by many bus services into the city centre and via the oxford train station. Oxford also has many pay and display car parks within the city as it can no be guarnteed that the building the session will be in will have parking.

 If you have any problems what so ever please feel free to email us here at topaz. Thank you from everyone here at TOPAZ and we look forward to seeing you at a future session.



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