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Topaz is a collection of people; staff and volunteers, who run TOPAZ with and for young people who would like a safe space to explore their feelings and gain a better understanding of themselves. Particularly those young people (13-19) who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender. This group is also for people who are unsure about their sexuality and may be questioning it. Friends of young people are also welcome at their first couple of meetings for support.

Check out our group pages to see which ones are suitable for you.

Come along and have a safe environment to talk to trained staff seek advice and make new friends. Friendly and welcoming people, bacon sarnies (and something for vegetarians too perhaps) chat, giggles, discussion and debate. Your place to talk about anything that's bothering you, get support about being Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender or get some help with answers to those questions that you've been wondering about for ages.

During 2018 We will be establishing ourselves as our own organisation so please bare with us whilst we go through this transitional period. During this period meeting venues, dates and times may sadly have to change to reflect this until we are up and running properly. How ever we will be running a normal email support service and online presence..

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