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​​​Who are we?

Topaz is a social group to help young people (aged 10-18) explore their feelings and gain a better understanding of themselves. We provide a safe space for young people who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender (LGBT+). We also welcome those who are unsure about their sexuality or gender and may be questioning. Friends of young people are also welcome at their first couple of meetings for support.

Find out more about our
current meet-ups.

Topaz has been providing a way for young people to connect in Oxfordshire since before 2011. At our peak, we had multiple meetups every month with groups all over Oxfordshire. This included Banbury, Witney and Abingdon. After losing many of our volunteers over the pandemic, we are in the process of rebuilding. Topaz is run by a small team of volunteers, most of whom have lived experience of being LGBT+. We’re always happy to have new people on board, so consider joining us as a volunteer!

What does Topaz mean? 
We are named after the gem, Topaz, as it comes in lots of different colours it represents our wonderful diversity!


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