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TOPAZ; Educating from the past...

Have you got a coming out story that you want to share? Or maybe you want to share some LGBTI+ History either locally or nationally with the members of our group. By telling your story here not only will it help to educate LGBTI+ young people in Oxfordshire on what has happened in the past but we hope it will also bridge generation gaps and show that although the years change we still face the same battle together. 

By sharing your story here you agree to your story being shared with members of the group and out networks to educate members on the struggle faced by LGBTI+ people over the years by coming out or living as LGBTI+ in a society that may not necessarily have allowed it. All stories will be anonymized and name and contact email address are only to be used when TOPAZ needs to contact you in regards to your story.

Thanks! Message sent.

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