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TOPAZ LGBT+ - Educational Support Network

TOPAZ LGBT+ - Educational Support Network is a brand new project here at TOPAZ. The group is currently an online Facebook group that offers information, advice and guidance to members of educational staff of young LGBT+ people or members of educational staff that themselves are LGBT+ looking for support. The group is friendly and welcoming where no question is a silly question and a space where you can talk to members of TOPAZ staff and other professionals whilst making friends yourself. With this being a new initiative here at TOPAZ the group is still in its early stages but we will be looking at creating events for members in a central location in the near future.

 If you are nervous please email us and we can talk to you and build your confidence before you join the group. In the group we offer you a safe place to be yourself and meet new people who are going through possibly the same issues as you.


If you have any friends who you think would enjoy or benefit from this group then please feel free to get them in contact with us.

 If you have any problems what so ever please feel free to email us here at topaz. Thank you from everyone here at TOPAZ and we look forward to seeing you at a future session.



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